[After Maggie Smith’s Good Bones]

To make a place of beauty: First
make the maker beautiful
or at least a bit less ugly.
For that, first,
find another who sees
you’re beautiful.
And for that, first,
make another beautiful
in your eyes.
And for that, first,
make both eyes
vulnerable as children,
loving fearing everything that’s seen.
Then make your vision
visible so your children see you
have held back nothing,
And then let where you are
become just what you see.

Falling Petals

Shake in a Boston mixer:
1.5 oz. honey gin (such as Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill Gin)
1.5 oz. orange blossom mead (such as 1634 Meadery Orange Elation)
1.0 oz. spiced pear liqueur (such as St. George’s)
Dash orange bitters (such as Regan’s #6)

[ice cubes]
Martini goblet

Twist of orange

Honey Zinger

Shake in a Boston mixer:
1.0 oz. Ginger liqueur (such as Domaine de Canton)
1.0 oz. Pear liqueur (such as Belle be Brillet)
1.0 oz. Honey gin (such as Barr Hill)
Dash pimento bitters (such as Dale DeGroff’s)
[ice cubes]

Pour: Martini glass

Garnish: Twist of lime


We want what’s wanted sharply here and now,
Without regard to if or so or how.
While what’s unwanted lies
Beyond all blunt surmise,
Awaiting fate, heart in fist on brow.


We travel together, companions
On separate pilgrimages, praying
To separate gods, alone
In our closeness, smiling
Without sharing the funny, certain
Of timely arrival, indifferent
To prophets, adventures, and miracles, blind
And busy as insects underground.