Storm Chaser

Shake in a Boston mixer:
1.0 oz. ginger liqueur (such as Domaine de Canton)
1.0 oz. Bison Grass vodka (such as Bak’s)
1.0 oz. Crème de Violette
Dash ginger bitters (such as Dillon’s)
[ice cubes]

Pour: Martini glass

Garnish: Float a few slivers of pickled ginger


Apple Alembic

Shake in a Boston mixer:
2.0 oz. Ice cider
1.5 oz. Calvados
Splash lime juice
Dash fig bitters (such as Brooklyn Hemispherical Black Mission Fig)
[ice cubes]

Martini glass

Lime wedge

Serving note:
Modulate calvados according to characteristics of ice cider.


The seeds you planted so long ago
Have flowered in my heart,
Made friends with worms and bees.

The long summer when you were there,
The sun gentled, the dust settled
By your fierce kindness.
But the autumn blossomed into winter,
The way our days unfold
Toward death.

The young need loving,
And the old know that nothing
Feeds the hungry young
Earth like yourself.